Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Duke Lemur Center in Durham

Duke Lemur Center's photo.

The Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina is the world’s largest and most diverse collection of lemurs.  Did you know that, outside of Madagascar, lemurs are Earth’s most threatened group of mammals?

The Duke Lemur Center advances science, scholarship, and biological conservation through interdisciplinary research, community-based conservation, and public outreach. By engaging scientists, students, and the public in new discoveries and global awareness, the Center promotes a deeper appreciation of biodiversity and an understanding of the power of scientific discovery.

Lemurs are native only to Madagascar, where they evolved in isolation from other primates. But luckily for Durham locals and visitors, you don’t have to travel to the Indian Ocean to find a lemur: just head to the Duke Lemur Center where there are 250 individuals from 21 different species.  

A non-invasive research, education, and conservation facility, Duke Lemur Center studies behavior, genomics, physiology, paleontology, and more. That means that not only can you tour the center to see lemurs up close in one of the tours offered by appointment, but you can also join a research session to see how the scientists teach lemurs, shadow a lemur keeper for a day, or even paint with lemurs!                           


WHAT: Lemurpalooza
WHEN: 5 – 8 p.m., Saturday, June 20th, 2015.
WHERE: Duke Lemur Center, 3705 Erwin Rd in Durham
Bring a blanket, join us for a picnic, and meet the lemurs in the Adopt-a-Lemur Program at the Duke Lemur Center (DLC) in Durham, from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 20th. Your sponsorship will help us care for the lemurs at DLC and support the conservation work we do around the world.
NOSH, a wonderful supporter of the Duke Lemur Center, will be selling picnic style dinner at Lemurpalooza. They will be offering burgers, their famous brisket and portabella mushroom burgers for vegetarians or bring your own picnic basket. Come meet unique primates you can’t see anywhere else in the United States. 
This will be a special evening experience that allows families to stroll and view the animals at their own pace (usually a visit to the center must be a guided tour.) Keepers and education staff will be on hand to answer all questions about each animal up for adoption. Engaging educational activities will be provided for kids and kids at heart.
Community fun, gorgeous lemurs, and an opportunity to conserve the environment and endangered animals all add up to a perfect summer evening. With your tax-deductible donation, you’ll receive regular updates and photos on the animals of your choice. In 2012, lemurs were named the most endangered mammals on the planet.
The Duke Lemur Center has been caring and learning from lemurs for nearly 50 years. It is the world’s largest sanctuary for these animals outside of their native Madagascar. When you adopt a lemur, you not only help cover the $7,400 per year cost it takes to care for each animal, but also support our work in the United States, Madagascar, and around the world to study and save these endangered animals.
Duke Lemur Center
If you cannot attend their Lemurpalooza, you must make a reservation for a regularly scheduled tour to visit the Duke Lemur Center.  Call (919) 489-3364 ext.0 or (919) 401-7240 to make your reservation today! You must schedule a tour in order to visit, meaning they do not allow self-guided visits. You must be with a tour guide at all times.

All tours are by appointment only. Tours are conducted seven days a week.  Tours are paid for the day of by cash, check or any major credit card. Tours tend to book up 1-2 weeks in advance, longer for weekends during the spring and summer months. If you leave a voice message, please give our staff up to 48 hours to return your call.  According to the Duke Lemur Center, as of 4/1/15 weekday tours are booking 3 weeks in advance, weekends, one-two months. 

Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast is the perfect choice for your Durham lodging.  We (Monica and Edward) love hosting visitors from all over the world.  Our guests love our delicious gourmet breakfasts prepared fresh each morning.  No matter how near (or far) guests are to our luxurious Durham accommodations, they are always glad they visited Morehead Manor. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

American Dance Festival 2015

The American Dance Festival of 2015 is happening near our Durham, North Carolina bed and breakfast.  Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast is pleased to be within walking distance to an award-winning performance venue like the Durham Performing Arts Center


Shen Wei Dance Arts is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of producing dazzling works that draw on influences as varied as traditional Chinese culture and arts, European surrealism, American high modernism, and the ritual power of ancient drama. Map, restaged in 2014, now includes a stunning set design with seven immense balloons. Set to selections from Steve Reich’s The Desert MusicMap is a glorious exploration of movement possibilities.

UNTITLED #12-2 began in Miami at Art Basel where Shen Wei’s paintings provided the inspiration and environment for a dance piece for 12 dancers. The dancers’ movements brought them into abstract compositions that mirrored the paintings surrounding the dance. For The American Dance Festival, Shen Wei transfers this piece to the stage and expands it beyond the original Miami presentation. With lighting co-designed by Shen Wei and Christina Watanabe and video by Rocco DiSanti, UNTITLED #12-2 promises to be an extraordinary addition to his repertory.


Making its annual summer pilgrimage to The American Dance Festival, Pilobolus presents the ADF-commissioned world premiere of Thresh|Hold (2015). Created in collaboration with the Olivier Award-winning Venezuelan choreographer Javier de Frutos, Thresh|Hold is a physically daring quintet that takes us through the labyrinthine mind of a young woman as she confronts lost love. Fragmented memories burst back and forth through a moving door, catching us in an experience at once raging and tender, desolate and intimate. Fantasy, athleticism, strength, confinement, fetters, and escape are all at play in this tantalizing work.

Day Two (1981) evokes a tribal atmosphere on the second day of the creation of the world, from its earliest forms of life to the moment at which creatures of the earth take flight into the air. Set to a soundtrack from Brian Eno and Talking Heads, Day Two captures the awe of evolution and the wonder of existence.   Note: This performance contains nudity.


Acclaimed by critics for its exceptionally emotional performances, Noche Flamenca is one of the most authentic flamenco companies performing today, and Soledad Barrio is its star. Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca bring Antigona (2014), an evening-length flamenco interpretation of the text and themes in Sophocles’ tragedy, Antigone. The themes in the work include catharsis, issues of dictatorship, repression, loss, the strength of family, and female empowerment. Combining live music, song, and dance, the work promises to be both gripping and intensely moving for audiences.


Paul Taylor Dance Company will be back to present the classic work Esplanade (1975). Set to Bach and based on everyday movement: walking, running, jumping, and sliding, the dance remains as daringly exuberant and eloquent today as the day it premiered. Syzgy (1987), set to Donald York's abstract, pulsating score, is a virtuosic work that explodes with cartwheels, leaps, and meteoric spins.


Bill T. Jones with Associate Artistic Director Janet Wong and his company present Analogy/Dora: Tramontane, the first of three new evening-length works from Analogy: A Trilogy. The trilogy brings into light the different types of war we fight and, in particular, the war within ourselves.

Analogy/Dora: Tramontane is based on an oral history Jones conducted with 94-year old Dora Amelan, a French Jewish nurse and social worker. Amelan’s harrowing, touching, and inspirational story is broken into approximately twenty-five episodes that become the basis for choreography and songs. These episodes chronicle her early life in Belgium, her mother’s death as the Germans were marching into Belgium, and her experiences working at an underground Jewish organization in Vichy France’s internment camps, Gurs and Rivesaltes. This is a portrait of the ability to persevere and survive.


This American Life host Ira Glass has been working with Monica Bill Barnes and Company to invent a show that combines two art forms that, as Glass puts it, “have no business being together—dance and radio.” One is all words and no visuals. One is all visuals and no words. The result is a funny, lively, and very talky evening of dance and stories. “What makes it work,” says Glass, is a shared sensibility. As dancers, Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass are these amazingly relatable and funny storytellers without words. This special event is for one night only.


Since its founding in 1986, Doug Varone and Dancers has commanded attention for its expansive vision, versatility, and technical prowess. From the smallest gesture to full-throttle bursts of movement, Varone’s work can take your breath away. In ReComposed (2015), co-commissioned by The American Dance Festival and the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, he creates a dance inspired by American abstract artist Joan Mitchell’s pastel drawings. Mitchell used gestural, sometimes violent brush-work, and described her paintings as “an organism that turns in space.” With lighting design by Robert Wierzel, Varone’s work hauntingly echoes Mitchell’s explosions on canvas. “In each of us is a storyteller, creating tales filled with the memories of our lives,” said Varone of his solo, The Fabulist, commissioned by ADF and premiered to great acclaim in 2014.

Our luxurious Durham bed and breakfast is the perfect place to stay when you see these amazing American Dance Festival live performances at the nearby Durham Performing Arts Center. We (Monica and Daniel) love hosting guests from all over the world and each morning treating them to our delicious gourmet breakfasts. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Durham Biking, Golfing, and Riding

African American Woman & Man Couple Riding Bikes Stock ImageHorses Stock Images

In Durham, North Carolina, this is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities like biking the Bull City, relaxing on the green, and horseback riding in style.  Many people go on vacation to actively pursue their hobbies. Whether you want to go biking, golfing, or horseback riding, Durham is a beautiful place to do it in.

Did you know that many areas of Durham are easily accessible by bike?  Given the tight urban core of the city and the compact nature of the county, sometimes two wheels are greater than four. 
  • Get from Duke University's West Campus to the Golden Belt arts complex on the east side of Downtown Durham in less than thirty minutes at a leisurely pace
  • Cruise around Downtown Durham, Duke, and North Carolina Central University campuses as well as Ninth Street District and the historic Forest Hills neighborhood to get a glimpse of Durham's architecture and enjoy the shade of hundred-year-old oaks that line many city streets
Do you want to take a swing at one of Durham's three public golf courses? 
Are you ready to get back in the saddle?  Have an equine adventure in Durham.  There are a half-dozen farms that offer lessons, trail rides, and competitions for both novice riders and horse enthusiasts.  The places are all within a thirty-minute drive of Downtown Durham:
Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast is a great haven for relaxation, especially after participating in these fun local Durham activities. Each morning we fuel our guests with a delicious, hearty, gourmet breakfast. 

As the number one black-owned bed and breakfast in America, according to Black Enterprise Magazine, we (Monica and Daniel) love visiting with guests from all different backgrounds and from all over the world.  With so many things to do and see in Durham, we look forward to hosting you as our guests. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

20th Anniversary Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Thanks to the hit movie Bull Durham, the Durham Bulls are the most recognized name in minor league baseball.  Since 1902, the Durham Bulls have helped to develop the Triangle community.  Playing 144 games each season, the team is a member of the International League and the Triple-A Affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Overlooking historic Downtown Durham, the Bulls play in a stadium designed by the architects of Camden Yards.

The Bulls have provided affordable sports entertainment in Durham for over a century and continue to do so. Winning its first championship in 1917 as a member of the North Carolina State League, the team has since won twelve more, including four League Championships and a National Title since its transition to Triple-A in 1998.  Many famous Major League players have worn the Bulls jersey, including Hall of Famer Joe Morgan, Andrew Jones, Bob Boone, Carl Crawford, Chipper Jones, David Justice, David Price, Evan Longoria, Greg Luzinski, Ron Grant, and Wil Myers. 

In addition to its significant baseball achievements on the field, the minor-league Durham Bulls play a major role in the community with programs like the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League and Bully Busters Anti-Bullying school assemblies.  Civic organizations volunteer at ballpark concession stands to raise money for their organizations.  Team mascot, Wool E. Bull, makes over 2500 appearances in the community each year.  The team donates thousands of tickets each season to charitable events. 

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park celebrates its twentieth anniversary and its ten thousand seat stadium in Downtown Durham is known for sporting a grand-slam ballpark experience.  With twenty million dollars spent in renovations like added improved seating areas, more comfortable seats, and new video signs.  The Bulls have also created a new hospitality group manage the food and beverage options in the stadium.   The goal is to focus on giving visitors a taste of Durham during the game. 

The Durham Bulls' schedule starts with 10 home games in April and continues into early September, giving eager fans plenty of time to see them in action. Throughout the season, promotional events add to the excitement. The special events include:

  • April 23: Game of Thrones night
  • May 16: Star Wars night with themed jerseys and costumed characters
  • May 31: Birthday party for Wool E. Bull
  • June 18: ‘90s night
  • May 6, June 3, August 12: Bark in the Park, when you can bring your dog to the game
  • $1 concessions nights throughout season

Guests of Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast like to attend the local games of the Durham Bulls baseball team.  Whether you are a sports fan or not, we (Monica and Daniel) love stepping in to our kitchen and serving up plates full of gourmet breakfast deliciousness. We have many common areas for our guests to enjoy and our luxurious rooms give our guests a restful night's sleep.  We look forward to your Durham, North Carolina visit!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Durham Live: Swan Lake, Pippin, and Newsies

The Durham Performing Arts Center consistently features a variety of talented performers.  On May 2nd and 3rd, this award-winning venue features the famous ballet production called Swan Lake. Throughout the centuries of classical ballet, no work more completely defines the art form than Swan Lake.

It tells the story of a princess who is turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse, the prince who falls in love with her, and the evil sorcerer’s daughter who lures the prince into being unfaithful. This epic story of love and longing soars to ethereal heights with Tchaikovsky’s immortal score. Artistic Director Robert Weiss uses the beautifully illustrated version of this story by Austrian artist and writer Lisbeth Zwerger as the template for his ballet.

Swan Lake - Lilyan Vigo in Swan Lake, The Right Image Photography
Lilyan Vigo in Swan Lake, The Right Image Photography

Pippin is Broadway's high-flying, death-defying hit musical. Full of extraordinary acrobatics, wondrous magical feats, and soaring songs from the composer of Wicked, Pippin will lift you up and leave you smiling. The Durham Performing Arts Center shows are from Tuesday May 12 though Sunday May 17.

This unforgettable new production is the winner of four 2013 Tony Awards® including Best Musical Revival. Hailed as “an eye-popping, jaw-dropping extravaganza”, it’s unlike anything Broadway has ever seen! Come experience Pippin, one young man’s journey to be extraordinary.  Direct from an acclaimed run at Boston’s American Repertory Theater, this captivating new production is directed by Tony winner Diane Paulus (Hair and Gershwin's Porgy and Bess).


Pippin features sizzling choreography in the style of Bob Fosse and breathtaking acrobatics by Les 7 Doigts de la Main, the creative force behind the nationwide sensation Traces. Pippin is noted for many Broadway standards including “Corner of the Sky,” “Magic To Do,” “Glory,” “No Time at All,” “Morning Glow,” and “Love Song.”  Experience a magical, musical, and unforgettable new Pippin.

The CBS Morning Show shares the transformational changes as well as returning characters!

They delivered the papers, until they made the headlines…direct from Broadway comes Newsies, the smash-hit, crowd-pleasing new musical from Disney. Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards® for Best Score and Best Choreography, Newsies has audiences and critics alike calling it “A musical worth singing about!” (The New York Times) Filled with one heart-pounding number after another, it’s a high-energy explosion of song and dance you just don’t want to miss.

Based on true events, Newsies tells the captivating story of a band of underdogs who become unlikely heroes when they stand up to the most powerful men in New York. It’s a rousing tale about fighting for what’s right…and staying true to who you are.

Newsies was brought to the stage by an award-winning creative team. It features a score by Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast) and Jack Feldman (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride) and a book by Harvey Fierstein (La Cage Aux Folles), with choreography by Christopher Gattelli (South Pacific) and direction by Jeff Calhoun (Big River).

Newsies live performances at the Durham Performing Arts Center happen Tuesday June 2 through Sunday June 7.  Musical theatre at its best.  Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance to all three of these live productions.  We (Monica and Daniel) are pleased to host guests by providing a place where elegance, excitement, and hospitality meet. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Durham Food Trucks

As innkeepers of Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast, we (Monica and Daniel Edwards) are thankful to live in Durham, where Southern Living magazine calls it, "The Tastiest Town in the South."  In addition to our wonderful restaurants, the following favored food trucks can be spotted across various areas of the Bull City.  Some have gone on to have a physical store in addition to their food truck.  Local residents and new visitors all love their delicious and unique food!

The American Meltdown Gourmet Melts food truck serves melts and grilled cheeses crafted from local bread and local eggs and cheeses. People can taste delicious creations like The Orchard, made with cheddar, sliced apples, rosemary, and ham.

http://kokyubbq.com/Kokyu BBQ is an acclaimed member of Durham's well-known food truck scene. The graffiti-painted truck has been a frequent sight around Downtown Durham since it opened in 2010, selling slow-cooked meats and fresh produce.  Kokyu's Korean barbecue and other dishes  (like duck fat chaat, kimchi dillas, and crispy pork gyoza) have made plenty of fans, including The New York Times, who praised the mobile purveyors in a write up.

Only Burger began as the first food truck in Durham, and earned great reviews from notable sources like The New York Times. They became so popular that they opened a physical location in addition to their food truck.  Their menu is a classic one built on burgers and fries, but specials include toppings like fried green tomatoes and fried eggs.

Opening originally as a modified and pink-painted mini-school bus and adding a brick-and-mortar location in 2013, The Parlour serves handmade ice cream. They source their ingredients from local farmers whenever possible and often rotate their flavors to match what is in season.

http://www.sympathyforthedeli.comSympathy for the Deli serves gourmet deli sandwiches made with locally sourced meats that are hand-cured, roasted, and smoked right here in Durham. Options include pastrami, turkey reubens, and seasonal specials like a roasted beet sandwich.  There are also Sympathy for the Deli's signature side, peakles. They're house-made, spicy, pickled sugar snap peas. They're also recommended by Deep South magazine.

Happy Spring Royalty Free Stock ImagesSpring Wild Flowers Royalty Free Stock Image

Spring is here and the season's warmer weather brings more people outside.  Find Durham's amazing food trucks located throughout the Bull City and taste why people come from all over to experience a variety of award-winning food.  While on the topic of food, guests rave about our gourmet breakfasts that we serve each morning.  We welcome guests (new and returning) from all over the world to Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast of Durham, North Carolina. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

150th Anniversary Civil War Surrender

2008-08-16 Bennett Place historic site.jpg
Bennett Place Historic Site


Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast is thankful to be located in an area with so much important history.  The Bennett Place Historic Site is a simple farmhouse that was located between Confederate General Johnston's headquarters in Greensboro and Union General Sherman's headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1865 the two officers met at the Bennett Place, where they signed surrender papers for southern armies in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.

Today the James Bennett's reconstructed farmhouse, kitchen, and smokehouse recall the lifestyle of an ordinary Southern farmer during the Civil War.  The Bennett Place State Historic Site is located at 4409 Bennett Memorial Road in Durham, NC 27705. 

Commemoration of one of the final major events of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War on the actual site of the Bennett Farm where Major General William T. Sherman and General Joseph E. Johnston met on April 17, 18, and 26, 1865 to reach a peace agreement and begin the reunification of our nation.

Event activities include the reenactment of the surrender negotiations, military and civilian living history programs, sutlers and artisans, ceremonies, music, and the final stacking of arms for the Army of Tennessee, CSA. Noted historians and authors will make presentations throughout this week long event. There is an Admission Fee, which will vary for different activities throughout the week long commemoration.

April 17 - 26:
150th Anniversary of Surrender at Bennett Place

FRIDAY, April 17, 2015
  • The First Meeting-Special Guided Tours of Bennett Place in Real Time
  • Living History Programs
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
SATURDAY, April 18, 2015
  • The First Meeting-Special Guided Tour of Bennett Place in Real Time
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
  • Living History Programs
  • Eastern Soldiers of the Union Armies
  • Western Soldiers of the Union Armies
  • Eastern Soldiers of the Confederate Armies
  • Western Soldiers of the Confederate Armies
  • Final Campaigns in North Carolina
SUNDAY, April 19, 2015
  • A Nation Reunited-19th Church Service at McMannen Methodist Church, Durham
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
  • Living History Programs
  • Eastern Soldiers of the Union Armies
  • Western Soldiers of the Union Armies
  • Eastern Soldiers of the Confederate Armies
  • Western Soldiers of the Confederate Armies
  • Final Campaigns in North Carolina
MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
The Road To Surrender: Raleigh To Greensboro-BUS TOUR (Starts at Bennett Place Historic Site)

  • Meet Soldiers; Civilians-Living History Programs for Schools and Student Groups
  • Civilians of the Homefront; Refugees
  • Life of the Infantry Soldier
  • Join the Cavalry-Life of the Cavalry Trooper
  • Hear the Cannon Roar-Civil War Artillery
  • Caring for the Wounded and the Sick-Civil War Medicine
  • Getting Correspondence to the Troops-The Postal Service
  • Striking Your Image-Civil War Photography
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
  • Virginia Civil War Mobile Museum
  • Meet Soldiers; Civilians-Living History Programs for Schools and Student Groups
  • Civilians of the Homefront & Refugees
  • Life of the Infantry Soldier
  • Join the Cavalry-Life of the Cavalry Trooper
  • Hear the Cannon Roar-Civil War Artillery
  • Caring for the Wounded and the Sick-Civil War Medicine
  • Getting Correspondence to the Troops-The Postal Service
  • Striking Your Image-Civil War Photography
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
  • Virginia Civil War Mobile Museum
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
  • Special Guided Tours of Bennett Place
  • An Evening with a Special Guest Historian
FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery
SATURDAY, April 25, 2015
  • The Arrival of the Generals
  • Formal Surrender Negotiations
(Meetings between Major General William Tecumseh Sherman and General Joseph Eggleston Johnston inside the Bennett Home)
  • Meet the Bennett Family
  • Meet the Soldiers of Blue & Gray
  • Military Drills & Demonstrations of the Infantry and Cavalry
  • Accounts of Civilian Refugees
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Sutler Row; Artisan Demonstrations
SUNDAY, April 26, 2015
  • The Arrival of the Generals
  • Formal Surrender Negotiations
(Formal Meetings between Major General William Tecumseh Sherman and General Joseph Eggleston Johnston inside the Bennett Home)
  • Meet the Bennett Family
  • Meet the Soldiers of Blue; Gray
  • Military Drills & Demonstrations of the Infantry and Cavalry
  • Accounts of the Civilian Refugees
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Sutler Row; Artisan Demonstrations
  • Historical; Genealogical Exhibit Displays & Information
  • Johnston’s Farewell Address to His Troops
  • Final Stacking of Arms of the Army of Tennessee and the Issue of Paroles
(This occurred in Greensboro, NC, but we will recreate it on the Bennett Farm)
  • Unity Monument Ceremony Honoring the Sacrifice of Americans
(Wreath laying ceremony by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of Union Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Union Veterans, Union and Confederate Soldiers, Special Presentations, and Keynote Speaker)

Ongoing Exhibitions and Activities Throughout the Week
  • New Museum Exhibit Gallery (Visitor Center)
  • Book signings; presentations by well known historians and authors
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Sutlers; Artisan Demonstrations
  • Sons of Union Veterans Exhibit, Genealogy Research, and Membership Table
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans Exhibit, Genealogy Research, and Membership Table
  • Daughters of Union Veterans Exhibit, Genealogy Research, and Membership Table
  • United Daughters of Confederate Veterans Exhibit, Genealogy, and Membership
  • North Carolina Civil War Tourism Council Display and Information
  • North Carolina Sesquicentennial Display and Information
  • Bennett Place Support Fund, Inc. Membership and Display Table
There are plenty of fascinating demonstrations, exhibitions, and activities during this week-long commemoration.  If looking for an elegant place to stay during your visit, think of our Durham bed and breakfast. 

According to Black Enterprise magazine, Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast of Durham, North Carolina is the number one black-owned bed and breakfast in America.  We (Daniel and Monica) are thankful to have shown our warm Southern hospitality to so many wonderful guests over the years. 

We give our visitors with a tasty homemade breakfast each morning.  Located in the Tastiest Town of the South, according to Southern Living magazine, has its perks.  Our guests enjoy not only great food, but plenty of activities and places, including:
The Bull City is a great place full of exciting entertainment and fabulous food.  Take your special someone our lovely and romantic Durham bed and breakfast. Be here to celebrate the 150th anniversary of one of the last events to take place during the end of the Civil War in America.